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Trident Media Group

41 Madison Avenue, Floor 36
New York, NY 10010
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"One doesn't simply read a Tardif story,
one experiences it!"

--Betty Dravis, author of Dream Reachers


I like to say: "I kill people off for a living!"

If you're looking for suspense that will keep you up at night, check out my books.

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Born in Vancouver, BC, I'm an award-winning, international bestselling Canadian author who now lives in Edmonton, Alberta. I write thrillers that delicately mix mystery, suspense, paranormal, supernatural and horror, mostly set in the wilds of Canada.

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"Tardif, already a big hit in Canada...a name to reckon with south of the border."


* Cheryl Kaye Tardif invades Germany!

* New releases: Divine SanctuaryDream House: A Short StoryThe Elfling Princess picture book and Des Nebels Kinder (Children of the Fog - German)


Book 3 in the Divine Trilogy

There's no place like home…

In the Divine trilogy finale, the heat is tripled when CFBI Agent Jasi McLellan must rescue Emily, the ghost girl that haunts her dreams; expose her own mother's killer; and uncover a murderer that preys on the weak at Sanctuary, a controversial cult nestled in the woods near Mission, BC.

Something insidious lurks behind the safe haven of Sanctuary's wrought iron gates. Led by the charismatic Father Jeremiah, the cult's idyllic lifestyle seems perfect on the outside. But a lethal hunter is on the prowl, and in a carefully executed game of cat and mouse, the body count rises.

Along with Victim Empath Natassia Prushenko, Psychometric Empath Ben Roberts and Special Consultant Brandon Walsh, Jasi follows three trails of clues that lead to one terrifying conclusion: home is not always the safest place on earth.

Available in ebook and trade paperback at your favorite retailer, including Amazon.