Escape from Bowen Island


No, this isn’t the title of my next novel, though maybe it should be! And it’s not the title of the TV series I’m working on. :-)

Ever feel like fate is against you? Like no matter what you do, things are doomed to go wrong? Ever go someplace you were so excited to go, only to have the holiday go down the tubes?

My husband, Marc, was sent to Bowen Island, BC, to work there for 2 weeks. Upon arrival, he discovered he had an entire cabin to himself, complete with 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen and a living room. So being Mr. Wonderful, he drove all the way home, picked me up and brought me to Bowen. Oh the plans I had!


First, this would be the writer’s retreat I’ve always dreamed of. A cabin in the woods that would inspire me to finish episode one of the TV script I’ve been working on. I’d write all day, uninterrupted. I could walk in the park or down to the beach. I could stroll on the boardwalk, eat at unique restaurants, enjoy the peace and quiet. It was so romantic…

I have a Facebook friend who happens to be an actress I respect and admire., and she lives on Bowen Island. Finally, I had an opportunity to meet her! And a possible opportunity to brainstorm with her regarding the leading female cop in the TV series I’m working on. I’ll admit to a bit of fan-girling as well.


Day 1: My husband and I had horrible headaches and neck aches. The cabin proved to be very old—HERITAGE old. Spiders hung in webs, watching me. I don’t do well with bugs; I have a PTSD reaction. I went to get into bed, and saw a millipede running over the sheets. I slept in the other bedroom.

Day 2: My headache turned into nausea, fever and chills. I thought I was going to die. It came on so fast and hard. I spent most of the day in the bathroom. Hubby’s headache worsened and he was sent back to the cabin to rest.

Day 3: I finally felt human and got some writing done. Stayed indoors because of the rain. Hubby felt a bit better.

As the days progressed, hubby’s work became more challenging as they were short on materials. Some of his calls were booked incorrectly via the call center. Some of the residences didn’t show up on Google Maps. That’s BC island living for ya!. Always 10-15 years behind in technology too.

I found more bugs in the bed. Ew! I was sleeping in a tight fetal position and waking up with horrible cramps that took most of the day to work out. The horn from the ferry kept me awake when I tried to nap to get through the pain.

Then my plans to finally meet and chat with my actress friend fell apart. Just bad timing! Easter weekend. We couldn’t make it work., especially since my husband’s work decided he’d be there only one week, not the two we’d expected.

We were then moved to a different cabin, far from restaurants. This cabin was cute and clean. No bugs! However, as we headed down the outside stairs, my husband flicked a twig on the roof and a hefty branch attached to it came tumbling down….on my head. Thankfully, no concussion.

The day we left, we had to joke about how challenging the island had been for both of us. I’ve lived on 3 islands in my life, but this one small island kicked my butt. Bowen Island is a beautiful place, and I believe those who live there enjoy the privacy it has to offer. Now I’ve seen it. ..whether it wanted me to or not.

Have you ever had a trip (work or holiday) go wrong? Tell me about it.